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Ep004 – Alex Mcbride (Founder – The Fifth Watches) on building a business from a blog, turning weaknesses intro strengths and how to grow a social media following

In episode 4 of The Startup Playbook Podcast, I interview Alex McBride, the Founder and CEO of The Fifth Watches.

The Fifth Watches is a watch brand with a unique business model selling products for only 5 days on the 5th of each month. Since launching 18 months ago, The Fifth Watches brand has dominated social media, with over 500,000 followers across their social media channels.

In this interview, Founder and CEO of The Fifth Watches, Alex McBride shares how he turned a passion for design and blogging into a successful business, how to turn your strength into a weakness and how to leverage the power of influencers to grow your business.

Show notes:
The Fifth Watches Website
The Fifth Watches Instagram
The Instagram
The 5th Bags Instagram
Li-Chi Pan Instagram Influencer

Intro music by Bensound.

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You can hear the full interview with Alex McBride below.

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  33. Reply

    Great episode Rohit! I’m not a massive consumer of designer gear myself. Typically just stick with my Garmin, but found The Fifth’s approach to sales unique and refreshing. Definitely a bold move to only sell for a set number of days each month, but clearly it’s working for them.

    Some great insight in this episode for anyone looking to launch or grow their ecommerce business!

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