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Ep005 – Paul Naphtali (Rampersand Venture Capital) on how to contact VC’s, the common ingredients in successful founders, the Rampersand investment process and the biggest turnoffs for investors.

In episode 5 of The Startup Playbook Podcast, I interview Paul Naphtali, the Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Rampersand Venture Capital.

Prior to starting Rampersand, Paul was involved in the PR and Marketing teams at several successful startups such as Snaptu (acquired by Facebook) and TokBox (acquired by Telefonica).

Rampersand Venture Capital has recently closed a $50 Million fund, to invest in early stage technology startups. Since launching their first fund in 2013, Rampersand has built a strong track record in finding and backing successful early stage startups.

In this episode, Paul shares when and how to contact VC’s, the common ingredient that he sees in successful founders, the Rampersand investment process and what the biggest turnoffs are for investors.

Show notes:
Mark Suster – Invest in lines not dots
Ramersand Venture Capital website
Paul Naphtali on LinkedIn

Intro music by Bensound.

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You can listen to the full interview with Paul Naphtali below

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  161. Reply

    Another great episode! And great to hear from an Aussie VC on what they are looking for and how to get in touch. Key takeaway for anyone is Mark Susters concept of VC’s investing in lines, not dots. It’s something I had read about/heard before, but its such an important concept that there more times it is repeated the better!

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