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Ep006 – (part 1) Matt Snowden and James Nguyen (M5859 Apps) on finding the right co-founder, giving away value and contacting Taylor Swift

In Episode 6 of The Startup Playbook Podcast I interview Matthew Snowden and James Nguyen from M5859 Apps.

M5859 Apps have a strong track record of building successful and scaleable apps. Their app “walking with dinosaurs” was named as the app of the year for 2012, went number 1 in 22 countries and had over 500,000 downloads. This interview was so broad and packed full of content that we had to split it up into 2 parts.

In part 1, Matt and James talk about how to find if someone is the right co-founder for your business, how giving away value can bring long term revenue and how to get companies such as Apple to buy into your product as partners and how to find and connect with A-list celebrities like Taylor Swift.

Show Notes:
The Making of Star Wars: The definitive guide
Walking with Dinosaurs App
Celebrity Contact Database
Matthew Snowden on LinkedIn
James Nguyen on LinkedIn


A special thank you to Gravity Co-working space for hosting The Startup Playbook Podcast for this episode. If you are looking for a co-working space to work out of in Sydney or Melbourne, make sure you check out Gravity!

Intro music credit to Bensound.

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You can play Part 1 of my interview with James and Matt below. Part 2 will be released on Tuesday 26th July.

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