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Ep007 – (part 2) Matt Snowden and James Nguyen (m5859 Apps) on Creating virality, getting 500,000 downloads and building marketplaces

In episode 7 of the Startup Playbook podcast, I continue my conversation with Matthew Snowden and James Nguyen from M5859 Apps

In this episode, we get a little bit deeper and dive into specific strategies on: How to build marketplaces, why you shouldn’t use surveys for product validation, The key feature in building virality into your product, understanding the addictive loops of Tinder and Snapchat and a breakdown of their strategy that James and Matt used to get their app to rank number 1 in 22 countries and over half a million downloads globally.

If you haven’t already listened to episode 6, I strongly recommend listening to that first before moving on to episode 7.

Show notes:
Crossy Road
Talking Tom
Flappy Bird
UsabilityHub – Capture design feedback quickly and easily
Andrew Chen – blogs on growth and virality
The viral coefficient and the K-factor
David Skoks – Blog
Reinforcement in behavioural psychology
Paul Graham – do things that don’t scale
M5859 Apps

A special thank you to Gravity Co-working space for hosting The Startup Playbook Podcast for this episode. If you are looking for a co-working space to work out of in Sydney or Melbourne, make sure you check out Gravity!

Intro music credit to Bensound.

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