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Ep023 – Adrian Stone (Angel Investor) on assessing opportunities

In episode 23 of The Startup Playbook Podcast, I interview Adrian Stone, one of Australia’s most active Angel Investors.

Adrian is one of the most well known and respected angel investors in the Australian startup ecosystem. After a successful career at IBM, Adrian became a serial entrepreneur who had multiple exits across the USA, Australia and NZ.

Adrian is the founder and CEO of AngelCube, Melbourne’s first venture accelerator, which provides seed funding and mentoring for technology start­ups. AngelCube’s mission is to invest in and graduate 40 technology start­ups over the next 4 years. They also recently won StartupSmart magazine’s “Best Start­up Investor” award. Adrian is also the Co-founder of Investors Org, which helps high net worth individuals invest in technology startups.

In the interview Adrian shares, what he looks for in founders when deciding to invest, the opportunities for Australian startups and the importance of understanding finance and metrics.

Show notes:
How to structure a good investor updated – Nathan Sampimon
General Assembly
Investors Org
Jonathan Teo
Why hiring employees starts with a beer and a bbq
Adrian Stone (Twitter)
Office Hours with Adrian Stone

Intro music credit to Bensound.

A special thank you to General Assembly Melbourne for hosting the event and First Press Coffee for the delicious Espresso Martinis!

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Click here to listen on Stitcher




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