The Startup Playbook

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Ep024 – Paul Bassat (Co-founder – Square Peg Capital) on solving important problems

In episode 24 of The Startup Playbook Podcast, I interview Paul Bassat, the Co-founder of Seek and Co-founder of Square Peg Capital.

Seek is one of Australia’s most successful companies to date with a market cap of close to $5B and Square Peg capital, is one of the premiere Venture Capital firms in Australia, counting companies such as Uber, Stripe, Canva and Fiverr as part of it’s portfolio.

Along with these roles, Paul is also a non-executive director at Wesfarmers, Director of Innovation Australia and on the AFL Commission.

In the interview Paul shares his insights on the team dynamics that he looks for when deciding whether to invest, why good businesses focus on solving problems and the importance of attracting high quality talent.

Show Notes:
Square Peg Capital
Andrew Bassat
Tony Holt
Justin Liberman
Barry Brott
Innovation Australia
Evan Thornley
Tracy Ellery 
Matt Rockman

Intro music credit to Bensound

Click here to listen on iTunes
Click here to listen on Stitcher


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