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Ep028 – Matt Allen (Angel Investor) on how to attract technical cofounders

In episode 28 of the Startup Playbook Podcast, I interview Matt Allen. Matt is a mentor, advisor and investor in early stage startups.

Over the last 20 years, Matt has built a wealth of knowledge in early stage startups, having founded a number of startups himself and assisting others as the Director of the Melbourne chapter of the Founder Institute program.

Matt is now an active angel investor, a Director of technical recruitment agency Lookahead search and co-founder his new project Pick & Shovel, which helps enable technology companies through funding and resources.

In the episode Matt shares how to get a developer for your startup, why competition is validation and when you should look to get investors on board.

Show notes:
Steve Gilles
Blackbird Ventures
Ego is the enemy
Radical Candor
Pick and Shovel
Glenn Gillen
Lachlan Donald
99 Designs
Matt Allen
Matt Allen (Twitter)

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