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Ep039 – Nick Crocker (Venture Partner – Blackbird Ventures) on people, culture and products

In episode 39 of The Startup Playbook Podcast, we did a live podcast interview with Nick Crocker, the Melbourne Venture Partner of Blackbird Ventures.

Nick was the founder of We are Hunted, a digital music chart which sold to Twitter in 2012. He then co-founded Sessions, a digital health coaching program, which sold to MyFitnessPal 2 years later. After MyFitnessPal was acquired by Under Armour for $475M, he went on to lead their Product Strategy and Operations in San Francisco.

Nick is now back in Australia and is the Melbourne Partner at Blackbird Ventures, a $230M Venture Capital firm that counts companies such as Canva, Red Bubble, Shoes of Prey, Culture Amp and Edrolo as part of it’s portfolio and runs the Startmate Accelerator program.

In this interview we talk about the importance of proving your business on a small scale, what the best companies focus on, what to do when you first meet with an investor and the importance of culture and values in building a successful company.

Audience questions:
1. What does a company like Blackbird look for in startups?
2. What are some of the biggest mistakes that people make when they are pitching?
3. Do we miss founders who don’t match the typical startup founder profile?
4. What does Startmate bring to Melbourne?
5. How important are valuations when making investment decisions?

Show notes:
The 9 ways to ride the digital music age
Andrew Denver

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