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Ep060 – Holly Liu (Co-founder – Kabam) on the billion dollar exit

My guest for Episode 60 is Holly Liu, the co-founder of mobile gaming studio, Kabam, which recently sold for $1B.

Holly has seen the company go through multiple pivots over the formative years of the company, moving from a corporate social networking platform to a Facebook gaming company before finally pivoting to a Mobile Gaming Studio.

Kabam built some of the most successful mobile games in history including Star Wars: Uprising, Marvel: Contest of Champions, Transformers and Kingdoms of Camelot.

As a founding member of the company, Holly saw the organisation grow from a team of 4 co-founders to having over 1,500 staff across all of it’s international offices.

In her first ever podcast interview, we talk about the multiple pivots that Holly and her co-founders went through, the importance of going to where the users are, playing to your strengths, the need for alignment, using culture as a competitive advantage and the value of diversity.


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