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Ep042 – Al and Lucas Ramadan (Play Bigger) On creating category kings

In Episode 42 of The Startup Playbook Podcast, I sat down with Al and Lucas Ramadan from Play Bigger.

Al was one of the pioneers in the global movement of bringing analytics to sports. In the early 90’s he applied data science to the Americas Cup creating a new category of sports performance analytics. In the late 90’s he applied this vision to the Internet creating a new category of digital sports media. His company, Quokka Sports, revolutionised the way people experienced sport. That legacy runs deep in most sports coverage we experience today.

He now runs Play Bigger, a category design advisory firm that works with the companies in the portfolios of leading VC firms such as Sequoia and Accel to help them define, develop and dominate markets.

Lucas is a data analyst at San Francisco based startup Enjoy Technologies and led a lot of the research and analysis for Al’s new book – Play Bigger.

In the interview we talk about assessing market potential, why the best founders have a unique market insight, the importance of defining your problem and the need to have courage of conviction.

Show Notes:
Quokka Sports
Startup Playbook TV: Ep6 Feat Liam Hanel from Lyra (AI personal assistant to track your carbon impact). In this episode we discuss traction channels on a budget, customer retention strategies and product strategy for B2B vs B2C

Feedback/ connect/ say hello: 
[email protected]
@playbookstartup (Twitter)
@rohitbhargava7 (Twitter – Rohit)
Rohit Bhargava (LinkedIn)

Intro music credit to Bensound

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