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Ep143 – Justin Webb (Co-founder & Chairman – AgriWebb) on building the future of AgTech

My guest for Episode 143 of The Startup Playbook Podcast was the Co-founder & Executive Chairman of AgriWebb, Justin Webb.

Describing Justin as a successful serial entrepreneur, would not be doing justice to his background.

He studied economics and applied mathematics at Harvard and did a post-graduate MBA at Oxford. He would then take his work on the application of Machine Learning and AI in asset management to found and grow 2 hedge funds before selling them to Macquarie Bank and Westpac.

He then went on to found and build PacWealth Capital into a $4Bn Advisory firm in the South Pacific.

He is now the Co-founder & Executive Chairman of AgriWebb which is on the mission to digitise on-farm production data.

Since launching 6 years ago, the company manages over 15m head of livestock across 90m acres around the globe and recently raised a $30M Series B round, valuing the company north of $100M.

In this interview we covered a range of topics including:

  • AgriWebb’s journey to $100M valuation
  • How to attract and retain great talent
  • How to find your believers and early adopters
  • The future of Agtech
  • & much more!


  •  2.53 – Justin’s background before and leading up to starting AgriWebb
  •  6.51 – The parallels between sport and business following Justin’s past as a Rower 
  •  10.37 – How Justin started two hedge funds that were eventually sold to Westpac and Macquarie
  • 13.37 – Moving back to Australia and getting involved in family business
  • 16.22 – Where the idea for AgriWebb stemmed from and advice for finding a business idea for early stage founders
  • 21.33 – Building a great team 
  • 29.01 – Finding the early adopter customer in traditionally slow to market industries
  • 34.36 – Choosing when and how to respond to customer feedback when creating features
  • 42.01 – Managing a growing team and how the founders role changes as the team grows
  • 47.42 – Building family first culture within a team and building culture remotely 
  • 1.00.37 – Where to find AgriWebb and Justin 

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