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Ep153 – Rohit Bhargava AMA on 5 years of the Startup Playbook Podcast

This week, The Startup Playbook Podcast hit the special 5 year milestone of the podcast. To celebrate we turned the mic on Rohit and got him to answer some questions for this special episode.

In this Episode, Rohit answered some of the FAQs and audience submitted questions on the lessons, process and journey of the podcast over the last 5 years.

In this episode we covered topics such as:

  • The end-to-end podcast process Rohit follows for each episode
  • Key lessons learnt from 150+ episodes
  • The most fulfilling (and embarrassing) moments of the show
  • How he lands guests like Malcolm Turnbull, Cal Henderson (Co-founder of Slack), DHH and many others
  • & much more!

Also a big thank you to all of our previous podcast guests and listeners of the show for your continued support over the last 5 years!


  • 1.27 – What Rohit was doing pre-podcast and how he first got interested in startups
  • 2.52 – How Rohit decided to start the podcast after listening to only a few podcast episodes
  • 5.20 – Rohit’s commitment to the show being at least a 10 year project
  • 7.36 – What has changed and stayed the same since the podcast launched
  • 11.16 – Why Rohit speaks to people close to the guest in preparation for each interview
  • 13.39 – Rohits’ favourite part of the podcast process
  • 15.02 – How Rohit finds and secures such high caliber guests
  • 17.25 – The number one guest that Rohit would love to have on the show
  • 19.25 – The longest lengths he had to go to in order to get a guest on the show
  • 21.05 – Fantasy Football – Startup Edition
  • 23.01 – The podcasts place in the startup ecosystem
  • 24.16 – Rohit’s biggest takeaways and insights from guests on the show
  • 28.06 – How Rohit kept going especially during tough times
  • 32.31 – The best feedback he’s received from listeners of the show 
  • 34.23 – Rohit’s most embarrassing moment on the show
  • 36.58 – Rohit’s most fulfilling moment on show 
  • 39.42 – The moment Rohit realised the power of the show 
  • 41.40 – The pre-process ritual Rohit uses to prepare for the show
  • 44.41 – What Rohit does for fun outside the podcast
  • 45.53 – Rohit’s biggest takeaway about investing
  • 47.18 – Rohit’s biggest takeaway about founding a startup
  • 48.58 – What is the future of The Startup Playbook Podcast
  • 51.28 – A thank you to the listeners for the last five years 

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